“A must-read book for anyone diagnosed with cancer or living with someone diagnosed with cancer. This book captures the journey of how dealing with disease affects the psyche. Wener relates her quest to explore alternative ways of dealing with her illnesses, while continuing to use the benefits of traditional medicine. She tells her story with humility and transparency. Her story is a model of resilience, courage, and honesty. Susan shares with her readers the lessons of how to keep it together when one's world is falling apart.”

—DIANE GUERRERA, breast cancer survivor and founder of the CURE Foundation

“What an inspirational book! If the word resilience had a face, it would have to be Susan Wener's. She is the proof that physical fragility, emotional distress and fear can be overcome. Everyone, sick or healthy, will benefit from learning Susan's lessons about life, humility, hope, perseverance and love.”

—LISE WATIER, founder, Lise Watier Cosmetics

“Through this extraordinary window into her thoughts, her fears, her defeats and her triumphs, we come to understand Susan Wener not simply as a “case” of colon cancer and its complications, but as a whole person. More importantly, we come to see how every patient, even someone surrounded by a loving family, is in some ways very much alone and in need of support. As a physician, this book gives me the opportunity to think about how I can do more for my patients by being a better listener and by trying harder to understand them as individuals rather than cases. As someone responsible for the education of students and residents, Resilience has given me food for thought about how we can better prepare the next generation of physicians.”

—DAVID EIDELMAN, MD.,CM., Dean, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

“At some point in our life, everyone will face challenges. The quality of our lives will depend on how well we cope during these difficult times. Susan shares her story and the way she and her family lived through this highly emotional and painful period. It is a remarkable story of Susan's strength. Her love for her family, compassion for others in need and wisdom continued to grow in spite of her pain. Rather than scars, Susan gained a radiant beautiful spirit that nourishes all of us fortunate enough to spend time with her. I am grateful to Susan for the book she wrote and her spirit that gives me hope.”


“As a general internist and palliative medicine specialist, I am very interested in doctor-patient communication. Through reading Resilience I learned so much about how patients want to be communicated with and how important it is to listen to them. I hope that this book serves as a foundation for reflection and change for anyone journeying through a serious illness. If you encounter adversity, think back to the principles that Susan teaches us: believe in and love yourself, talk with and include your family in your decision-making process, keep a good team, and heal by helping others.”


“To know Susan Wener is to get a glimpse of the inner peace that is the goal of every guru, priest and new age life coach. This story of the journey that got her where she is today is equal parts gripping, terrifying and unbearably sad on the one hand and courageous, instructive and inspiring on the other. No one would ever choose to follow in her footsteps, but her travelogue is a tool kit for building structures of hope, optimism and triumph in the neighbourhood of disease, suffering and death. Sooner or later we must all go there, and, as with other trips we can benefit much from heeding the advice of a friend who has just come back.”


“Susan Wener's poignant description of her battle with colon cancer provides family members, friends, or health care providers with numerous insights into the challenges that face every patient dealing with a life-altering illness. As you follow her complicated medical journey, Susan describes the many helpful and hurtful encounters that are common to patients searching for emotional and physical healing. The book also provides an excellent overview of what both traditional Western medicine and complementary/alternative medicine can add to a treatment regimen. As a result of her many emotional and physical ups and downs, Susan dedicated her professional career to understanding the importance of a healthy balance between mind and body in coping with life-threatening disease.”

STEPHEN H. CARSON, MD, pediatrician and pediatric pulmonologist

"A 'must read' for everyone but especially for those who have had cancer affect their lives or the lives of their friends or family. I loved the book and read it in two sittings with a box of Kleenex. Some of the tears were shed for her deep suffering but many were also shed in joy for her courage, strength and triumphs! ”

GORDON BYRN, chairman, Carlyle Gordon Limited