Susan Wener survived cancer not once, but twice.

The first time, she followed the traditional route of surgery and chemotherapy. The second time, she went renegade, stepping out into the field of alternative medicine. Resilience brings to life a journey of more than thirty years, years filled with joy as well as incredible physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges.

As an educator and therapist who helps individuals cope with life threatening illness, Wener brings a unique perspective to this story. She discovers over the course of her many treatments that the most successful medical care is integrated care, care that takes the whole patient into account and not just the disease in isolation.

In prose that is both funny and profoundly moving, Wener takes us on her extraordinary journey to wellness and wisdom. She shares her innermost feelings with honesty, insight, and humor. Her candor makes it easy to be touched by her experience, and the life lessons she offers are invaluable. She reminds us that irrespective of circumstance, life is filled with endless possibility, and shows us that what makes us truly magical is our decision to pick ourselves up every time we fall.